School Program

School is a free program of courses specially created by the Educational Department of Pirelli HangarBicocca: it couples the more traditional approach of art education with methods inspired by the principles of education through art.

The Project

The School program for school of all types and grades is designed to promote those artistic forms of contemporary art that may concern and involve subjects that apparently have little to do with art.
The project has been created for all teachers, allowing them to play a key role in helping to interpret works of art as they relate to their own teaching disciplines and to contemporary issues. Special two-hour visits are designed for the permanent installation and for each temporary exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca. They consist of two parts: one of observation of the work and one of workshop experimentation.

Thematic Activities

A recent feature is the Thematic Activities” format for middle and second-grade secondary schools, which does not include the workshop activity.
Arts Tutors accompany visiting school classes to help them experience the works of art as educational instruments. This can help children get to grips with a variety of subjects taught back at school by their teachers. For all the tours in the School program, thematic areas have been chosen to help decide on the visit best suited to individual classes.


Primary School

Middle School

High School

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