Awesome Bestiaries (lower)

"Chiamare a raduno. Sorelle. Falene e fiammelle. Ossa di leonesse, pietre e serpentesse" by Chiara Camoni

Focus areas
• Science
• Italian
• Geography
• History

Chiara Camoni drew inspiration from the geometries and natural and architectural elements typically found in Italian gardens when bringing her works together inside the Shed at Pirelli HangarBicocca. As we wend our way through the sculptural groups, which are bathed in natural light, we become aware of the artist’s relationship with the natural world and its ties with everyday objects. In many cases, her works evoke hybrid beings that recall the illustrations found in medieval bestiaries. Another very important aspect of Camoni’s practice is collaboration between people and indeed many of her creations start out from interactive workshops, where people come together and exchange ideas.

Like fledgling archaeologists, the children will explore and carefully observe the works in the various areas of the exhibition, finding out how the artist draws from the natural world and from domestic settings to create fantastical creatures and objects that fire the imagination of the beholders.

During the workshop session, the children will be able to make a sort of bestiary of their own, bringing together all the original creatures made by the individual participants. These will be made by combining images of their own faces with elements from the animal world and the home. The children will also explore how their individually crafted creatures can be joined with those of the other member of the class to bring to life all sorts of magical transformations.

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