Thematic activity | Time, literature and nature in the art of Chiara Camoni

"Chiamare a raduno. Sorelle. Falene e fiammelle. Ossa di leonesse, pietre e serpentesse" by Chiara Camoni

Focus areas

  • An interdisciplinary activity that can cut across a range of different subjects, such as philosophy, human sciences, history of art, history, and Italian and foreign literature

The title of Chiara Camoni’s exhibition is itself a poetic composition that draws on fairytales, nursery rhymes and incantations. On the one hand, it recalls a magical spell, transporting the viewer into an ancient realm far removed from our everyday reality. On the other, it brings together some key elements of her artistic practice, including the notion of collective involvement, the feminine sphere, and the importance of the world of nature. In Chiara Camoni’s art we find a perpetual allusion to a time that binds past and present, often intersecting with writers whose words profoundly inform her practice.

The students will first be divided into groups and visit the exhibition independently, guided by the words and verses of great writers from both past and present. Once the group experience is over, they will come together to share their reflections and the reasons why they chose to match the work with the references provided. Their vision of the exhibition will then be reconstructed on the basis of what they have to say.

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