Collect them All! (upper)

"Chiamare a raduno. Sorelle. Falene e fiammelle. Ossa di leonesse, pietre e serpentesse" by Chiara Camoni

Focus areas
• Science
• Geography
• History

Chiara Camoni’s artistic creations are notable for her adept use of natural materials, such as herbs, berries, and flowers, which she finds along river banks and in the woods, and which she then combines with other elements such as clay and ash. The resulting compositions are modelled into zoomorphic shapes like those of dogs, snakes, lionesses, and mantises. The bodies of these sculptures either point to or impede passage within the Shed area of Pirelli HangarBicocca.

The children will become junior explorers and embark on a quest to discover where nature can be found in the artworks and how narratives, folklore, places, memories, and raw materials inspire the artist in her creative process.

In the workshop session, the children will be encouraged to create imaginative new creatures of their own, based on their experience of the exhibition. They will do so with the assistance of interactive games, illustrated albums and books that explore the animal kingdom and the world of nature.

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