Edu Summer 2023

The Education Department of Pirelli HangarBicocca presents Edu Summer 2023, a programme of events for children and young people aged between 6 and 11, with summer camps during the week and a series of free workshops for families at the weekend.

Edu Summer 2023 is set to run from 11 to 30 June 2023 at Pirelli HangarBicocca and in the Bicocca district. The programme takes its inspiration from the exhibition "Grand Bal" by Ann Veronica Janssens, which is currently on display in the exhibition spaces. The works on display use light, colour, mirrors, air and artificial fog to modify the perception of space and architecture, inviting the visitors to experience reality with all their senses.

The summer camps are put on with the collaboration of the artist Rebecca Moccia, while the workshops will see the involvement and leadership of Marcella Fanzaga, a movement educator and choreographer, and of Andrea Capozucca, a mathematician and science presenter. The two of them will interact with younger visitors and their families, offering them activities and creative projects that explore various forms of expression.

Summer Camps with artists

From 12 to 30 June 2023
For children aged 7 to 11

The “Mapping a Land of Emotions” is a new summer camp project that revolves around the idea that the spaces around us – with their surfaces, sounds, temperatures, functions and history – possess emotional qualities that can bring about particular sensations or feelings in those who explore them. The project is the brainchild of the artist Rebecca Moccia, who developed it together with the Pirelli HangarBicocca arts tutors, and it is inspired by the temporary "Grand Bal" exhibition by Ann Veronica Janssens, who uses light, colour, mirrors, air and artificial fog to create her works. Her art modifies the visitor’s perception of space and architecture, helping them experience reality with all their senses.

Every day the children will engage in activities that involve the languages of art and technology while giving top priority to the experiences and perceptions of the body, exploring the visible, but above all the invisible, aspects of the Pirelli HangarBicocca space.

“Mapping a Land of Emotions” will be repeated for three weeks, with each session for a particular age group, from Monday to Friday from 8.30AM to 5.30PM

“Creating Enchantment– With The Eyes Of Our Skin”

Saturday 11 June and Sunday 25 June 2023
Created and presented by Marcella Fanzaga
Workshop for children aged 6 and over and their families, at 11AM, repeated at 3PM.

We will use all our senses – and not just our eyes – to explore the works of the artist Ann Veronica Janssens. We’ll turn ourselves into a falling drop and into a gust of wind. We’ll feel our bodies playing with light in a kaleidoscope of shapes, perspectives and dimensions. We’ll dance lightly to the sound of our footsteps and we’ll vibrate like waves of stars and sea. We’ll move in silence and listen with the “eyes of our skin”, sharing an artistic and perceptive experience that reveals the artistic space of the body.

“Making The Impossible Possible”

Sunday 18 June 2023
Created and led by Andrea Capozucca
Workshop for children aged 6 and over and their families, at 11AM and at 3PM 

Reality or illusion? What we see isn’t always exactly what we think we know. This revelation amazes us, giving us the sensation that we’re facing something magical and inexplicable. Let’s have fun exploring Ann Veronica Janssens’ exhibition and finding a new way of perceiving reality and the sensations around us.


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