Edu Summer 2024

Chiara Camoni, Esercito di terracotta, 2014 (particolare)
Terracotta galestro
Courtesy l'artista e SpazioA

Summer Camps with artists

From 10 to 28 June 2024
For children aged 7 to 11

In collaboration with artist Chiara Camoni and the Centro di Sperimentazione collective

The new summer camp project "Terracotta Armies" explores themes such as the fascination of the unexpected, the passion for archaeology, the joyful interplay between the creation of countless figures and a fragile material, terracotta. As well as the endless possibilities for storytelling and the transformative nature of clay

Designed and developed by Chiara Camoni together with the Centro di Sperimentazione collective and the Pirelli HangarBicocca arts tutors, the project emerged from the temporary exhibition Call and Gather. Sisters. Moths and Flame Twisters. Lioness Bones, Snakes and Stones by Chiara Camoni, whose works illustrate her connections with nature, with people, and with everyday objects, but also with the passing of time. Walking by her works is indeed like wandering through different historical periods and ages while also taking a leap into the world of fairy tales and magic.

The children and teenagers will engage in daily activities that involve the languages of art and the wonders of nature. The activities focus on the importance of curiosity as the children learn to model clay and find out how imagination and creativity have the power to make the seemingly impossible possible.

“Terracotta Armies” will be repeated for three weeks, with each session for a particular age group, from Monday to Friday from 8.30AM to 5.30PM.


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