The Secret Intrigue of Things (final year)

"Ground Break" by Nari Ward

Focus areas

  • Knowledge of the world
  • Images, colours
  • Languages, creativity, expression


Nari Ward uses recycled materials such as glass bottles, shopping carts and shoelaces to create his immersive sculptures and installations. He chooses these objects for their narrative power and for their intimate connection with the places where he finds them. Intertwined, knotted, pressed, and pierced, they weave a narrative canvas upon which new stories can be told.


The children will explore the works on display together with Pirelli HangarBicocca’s arts tutors. They will pay particular attention to the compositional textures that are formed by the interplays of light and shadow, tangles of threads, and the transparencies and juxtapositions of the many objects found by Nari Ward. When woven together, these elements will create countless personal and collective narratives.

In the workshop session, they will be able to experiment with materials and colours and use their imagination and creativity to create traces and imprints which will then intersect to form lots of new, original forms.

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