Exhibition Past

17 September - 26 September 2010

Phill Niblock

The Movement of People Working

Curated by Andrea Lissoni

The Movement of People Working is the title of the long series of films made by Phill Niblock between 1973 and 1985 in rural areas in countries around the world (China, Brazil, Portugal, Lesotho, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Mexico, Hungary, Peru). Through simple and sophisticated frames, a special dry-mounting, an impeccable handling of colours, the movies, with incredible relevance, preannounce the contradictions and paradoxes of globalization.

Six-screen video installation specially conceived for HangarBicocca spaces, first international projection.

For HangarBicocca, Niblock has selected from the series The Movement of People Working eight films lasting between two hours and 75 minutes: each one of them will be shown alternately on a long broken line of six screens during the concert with a live soundtrack, and, afterwards, for the entire duration of the exhibition (with a further selection of music). After the musical events JO, by Cameron Jamie with Keiji Haino and End, Carlos Casas’ installation and performance, with The Movement of People Working di Phill Niblock we are getting closer to the exhibition Terre vulnerabili.

From September 17th to 26th 2020 the soundtrack of the installation The Movement of People Working is:

2 Lips – aka Nameless (2009, 22’20”); Laboratorium of the Champ d´Action Ensemble, Antwerp, Belgium.

Poure (2008, 23’28”); Arne Deforce, commissioned by Centre de Recherches et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie, CRFMW, Liege, Belgium.

One Large Rose (2008, 46’) commissioned and recorded by The Nelly Boyd Ensemble, Hamburg, Germany, modified by B di Three Orchids 4 Chorch +1 (2007, 23’) composed for Ostrava New Music Days Festival, Ostrava, directed by Petr Kotik, Repubblica Ceca.

Stosspeng (59’, 2007); Susan Stenger e Robert Poss, first time presented at Donau Festival, Krems, Austria.

Nataliawork (2005, 21’) Natalia Pschenitschnikova.

Universe Premier (2005, 21’) Thomas Ankersmit.

Tow by Tom (2005, 23’), commissioned by Petr Kotik for Ostrava New Music Days 2005, Ostrava, Repubblica Ceca.

Valence (2005, 23’02”) Julia Eckhardt, (2004, 25’08”) Ulrich Krieger, (mix di Ten Auras, per sassofono tenore; Sea Jelly YellowAlto Tune).

Alto Tune (2004, 25’08”) Ulrich Krieger.

Zrost (2004, 23’30”) Martin Zrost.

Parker’s Altered Mood, aka Owed to Bird (2004, 16’25”), Ulrich Krieger.

Not Yet Titled (2003, 22’20”) Franz Hautzinger.

Three Orchids (2003, 22’) per tre orchestre, commissioned by Petr Kotik for Ostrava New Music Days, 2003 Ostrava, Repubblica Ceca.

Lucid Sea (2003, 20’24”) Lucia Mense.

Sethwork (2003, 21’48”) Seth Josel.

Harm, per violoncello (2003, 24’43”) Arne Deforce.

EZAZ (2002, 22’) The Art Zoyd Ensemble, Maubeuge, France.

Sweet Potato (2001, 25’11”) Carol Robinson.

Sea Jelly Yellow (2001, 24’) Ulrich Krieger.

Pan Fried 11, 27.5 70 (tre opere, 2001-3, 11’, 27’25” & 70’) Reinhold Friedl.

Yam almost May (2001, 24’) Kasper Toeplitz.

Hurdy Hurry (1999,15’30”) Jim O’Rourke.

AYU (aka As Yet Untitled) (1999, 21’, 1999) and AYU Live, Tom Buckner.

Disseminate (1998, 24’) commissioned by Petr Kotik and The S E M Ensemble Orchestra.

Guitar too, for four – Version Three (1996, 30’20”) Rafael Toral, Robert Poss, Susan Stenger, David First.

Ten Auras Live (1994, 21’20”), Ulrich Krieger.

Five More String Quartets (1991-93, 25’), The Soldier String Quartet.

Early Winter (1991-93, 45’) Susan Stenger; The Soldier String Quartet; Eberhard Blum; 38 modified voices.

Didjeridoos and Don’ts (1992, 13’30”), Ulrich Krieger, didgeridoo.

Photos: © Agostino Osio

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