Event Public Program

Cerith Wyn Evans
“....the Illuminating Gas”

11 January 2020 – 6.00pm

‘….fellow travellers’

An evening with Cerith Wyn Evans and Steve Farrer


The Public Program dedicated to the exhibition “….the Illuminating Gas” by Cerith Wyn Evans offers to the public an evening unfolding in two separate moments that will elaborate on the artist’s poetics and his aesthetic and cinematographic references with the presence of the artist and of filmmaker Steve Farrer.

6 PM—Itinerant conversation between Cerith Wyn Evans and Roberta Tenconi
A walk through the exhibition, accompanied by the artist in conversation with curator Roberta Tenconi. An occasion to dive in the work of Cerith Wyn Evans, in direct relation with the synesthetic experience offered by the lights, sounds and movements that characterize the exhibition.

8.30 PM—‘….fellow travellers’ | Film screenings
A screening of films by experimental filmmaker Steve Farrer, known for his work related to notions around an ‘Expanded Cinema’—which offers an alternative ‘perspective’ to filmmaking by reinterpreting the given conditions of the cinematic medium. Farrer’s work foregrounds questions around the spectator’s construction of time/space and activates the live context of viewing. The evening continues with a screening of selected film materials, chosen and presented by Cerith Wyn Evans.

Steve Farrer was born in 1951. After working in the ‘dye stuff’ section of ICI, Manchester, he studied at North East London Polytechnic and Royal College of Art, London. He was London Filmmakers’ Co-op workshop organiser and cinema organiser in the late 1970s. Inventor of The Machine, a shutterless spinning film camera/projector, many of his installations similarly rely upon hand-crafted technology to deconstruct the spectacle of cinema.

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