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Program curated by ZONA K, spazioSERRA, Fritto FM

Milano Re-Mapped Summer Festival is a multidisciplinary festival devoted to performing arts, music, video, poetry, and other art forms, held in the outdoor spaces and in some of the indoor spaces of the institution.

For this second edition, the program is curated by ZONA K, spazioSERRA, and Fritto FM, three curatorial and production groups working in Milan, selected and invited by Pirelli HangarBicocca for their ability to combine meticulous research with a constant interaction with spaces and places that are not typically devoted to culture and art. With their activities, ZONA K, spazioSERRA and Fritto FM have generated new forms of cultural production and consumption within the city, contributing to the creation of interdisciplinary scenarios that overcome urban geographies and reshape the relationship between the centre and the periphery.

The 2023 edition is supported by Regione Lombardia with the project Together and by Fondazione Cariplo.
The festival is part of the Milano Re-Mapped project, supported by Fondazione Cariplo and conceived by Pirelli Hangarbicocca in collaboration with Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca; the project also includes a survey on the independent art system in Milan.

The program unfolds over two evenings with an intense schedule featuring Italian and international artists. The two dates alternate moments of performance and dance with live concerts, readings, video projections, video installations and DJ sets.

Media partner: Zero.

Free admission. Reservations are recommended and guarantee immediate access. Gates open at 6.30 PM.


12 July 7 PM – 11 PM
Program curated by ZONA K


7 PM: Moni Wespi | Slowed Landscapes (The Courage to Stand Still)

7.40 PM: Akira Yoshida | Oroimen

8.10 PM: Francesco Venturi | Urvoice

9 PM: Akira Yoshida | Home

9.40 PM: Salvo Lombardo | Outdoor Dance Floor

7PM-11PM (reading room): Moni Wespi | Moving Portraits | Liquefy - Human Nature

13 July 7 PM – 11 PM
Program curated by spazioSERRA


7 PM: Mulieris Magazine | The degrees between us

7.35 PM: Sara Leghissa | MUSCLES

8.15 PM: Selin Davasse | She-Pigeon

9.00 PM: GianMarco Porru | Medea

9.50 PM: La Trape | Senza voce and Sara Leghissa | MUSCLES


13 July 10.40 PM – 1 AM
Program curated by Fritto FM


10.40 PM:  Rainy Miller | live set

11.30 PM:  Train to Eltanin con Giovanni Palmisano | live set

12.20 AM:  Shannen SP | DJ set


Choreographies that interact with the architecture, bodies that blend into their setting, voices that emerge from the depths and form a soundscape. For Milano Re-Mapped Summer Festival ZONA K has come up with an artistic program that illustrates the close ties it has built with the city in its ten years of activity. Artistic performances bring to life the Reading Room and the external spaces of Pirelli HangarBicocca by virtuously playing with the various languages of contemporary urban cultures. In a balanced mix of performance, dance, music, and visual art, a selection of artists brings together scenic creations and fragments of reality, questioning the interaction between humans and the city, and the future of their coexistence.


spazioSERRA reflects on the concept of the body politic – the representation and interpretation of political power and social mechanisms by means of the human body. Through various forms of physical expression, the body becomes a vehicle for investigating authoritarian trends as well as developments in the community that permeate the contemporary world. Body language is thus a communication tool that, through its existence in space, transcends words and questions the community.

Fritto FM curates the closing sets of the two days of Milano Re-Mapped Summer Festival, translating the ongoing investigation in the subcultural landscapes and contemporary underrepresented music phenomena through the engagement with artists belonging to Fritto FM’s roster and international guests whose vision and artistic practice reflects its mission.

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