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Christian Boltanski

25 June 2010

Les Archives du Coeur

Les Archives du Coeur (The Archives of the Heart) is the title chosen by Christian Boltanski for a great utopian project on which work for many years: to bring together in one place the sound recordings of the heartbeat of humanity. Les Archives du coeur will be open to the public in 2010, the Japanese island of Teshima, within the framework of Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation which, for twenty years, offers a number of permanent projects by contemporary artists and within which art vibrates in harmony with nature, people and history. Christian Boltanski Personnes the exhibition invites visitors to participate in this great project by recording the beating of his heart, in an area responsible for this, as a gift to the artist. Each can also, if desired, keep this registration recorded on a CD.
In this way, the sound of a beating heart, a symbol of life, to oppose the passage of time and oblivion, it becomes part of a living memory in which each can find its place, concretely and individually, while participating in the drafting of a modern myth and one of the most ambitious works of the artist.

Price of the CD with your heartbeat: 5 Euro

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