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Christian Boltanski

25 September 2010

Dispersion of “Personnes”

The clothes that make up the huge mountain of Christian Boltanski’s installation at HangarBicocca, allude to death, mortal rests, they make people reflect on human frailty and on the implacable flowing of time, for which there is no rational explanation and that is absolutely unavoidable.
But clothes also allude to life, to the saved imprint of the body and the soul of those who have worn them.
Boltanski, even representing the drama of existence, is against to a pessimistic view, giving dignity to every human being, saving the essence, which is in those clothes but also in the heartbeat, that identifies each person.
The artist intends to involve the visitors in this project for the conservation of memory and, therefore, he decided that the weekend before the end of his exhibition, that is September 25th and 26th, everyone will take away some clothing, making them re- live again. The mountain of clothes, meanwhile, will decline and eventually disappear, escaping the unfathomable action of fate.

You can buy large bags of paper made specifically for the dispersion of “Personnes” at the price of 2 € over the entrance to the exhibition, to pick up as many clothes as you desire.

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