2. Thematic Activity | Identity, Social Justice and History in the Works of Nari Ward

"Ground Break" by Nari Ward

Focus areas

An interdisciplinary activity that may refer transversally to different subject areas, such as civics, history, geography and Italian.


The artist Nari Ward tells his personal story through his works – from the traditions and rituals of the community he was born into, to his travels around the world during his artistic training. At the same time, however, he explores the history of immigration from South America and the Caribbean by transcribing significant episodes of the past that have remained forgotten by the community.


The children will first be divided into groups and visit the exhibition space autonomously, guided by select key words regarding the social, historical and political themes narrated by Nari Ward through his works. Once the group experience is over, the participants will come together to share their ideas and the reasons why they chose to match the works with the key words they were given. Their vision of the exhibition will thus be reconstructed on the basis of their interpretations.

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