Matt Mullican | Subway Poster for the Feeling of Things, 2018


Four-color digital print on blue back paper 200 x 420 cm
6 parts, 100 x 140 cm each

Edition of 32 signed, numbered copies + 4 A.P.

In conjunction with the exhibition “The Feeling of Things”, Mullican has conceived a limited edition inspired by one of the works on view, Untitled (Two into One becomes Three) (2011): a massive rubbing—over 21 meters long—which covers the right-hand wall of the Cubo at Pirelli HangarBicocca, and has also been used in the Milan metro poster advertising the show. The limited edition is a six-section print that presents Mullican’s personal cosmology. It includes his iconic vocabulary of signs and symbols used to express our perception and individual, rational comprehension of the world, depicting it in a constant attempt to organize, understand, and categorize the experience of reality: from subjectivity and ideas to matter and the natural elements, by way of language, art, and everyday life. This special edition of the subway poster, a communication device that is spread throughout the urban fabric and is exposed to thousands of eyes, is in turn based on a rubbing—the oldest known technique of reproducing an image—and is part of the inquire into multiples that has characterized Mullican’s work for decades. A remarque hand-drawn by the artist makes each edition unique.
€ 524,60 / € 430 + VAT (22%)

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