Chiara Camoni | Conviviality Set, 2024


Chiara Camoni has created a group of ceramic sculptures exclusively for Pirelli HangarBicocca. The works, in the form of tableware, effortlessly transition from the world of art and aesthetics to that of the home. Each item is unique in terms of its tones and size, and is handcrafted with natural glazes that make each one different and distinctive. The artist creates the glaze for the stoneware objects by mixing a variety of plant ashes, sands and earths. In particular, the remains of Burning Sister 2023, the first sculpture in the Sisters series, which was made entirely of plant materials during a workshop in Greece and later burnt at sunset overlooking the sea, were used for Call and Gather. Sisters. Moths and Flame Twisters. Lioness Bones, Snakes and Stones. The film that captured the burning ceremony was shown for the first time in the Casetta installation at Pirelli HangarBicocca. Camoni took the ashes that remained from the fire and fused them at high temperatures with the other minerals, creating the pinkish colours of the glazes in all their various nuances for the limited edition. At the bottom of each cup and each plate is a tiny microcosm formed by the accumulation of glaze that trickled down during firing in the kiln. Created in pairs, these works invite convivial and shared experiences, blurring the lines between sculpture and household object.

The world of craftsmanship and that of ritual gestures are some of the key themes in the artist’s research. Chiara Camoni (b. 1974, Piacenza; lives and works in Seravezza, Italy) explores profound concepts such as the intricacies of everyday life, the relationship with nature and with collective processes, and the legacy of ancient civilisations. Using organic and malleable materials in her works, she reveals the archaic energies of the earth, inviting visitors to engage with archetypal images and mythical narratives from the past.

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