Cerith Wyn Evans | fig0.(Zephyrs!…), 2019

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Scarf in silk twill
Hand-rolled hem
140 x 140 cm
Edition of 90 copies + 10 A.P.

In conjunction with “….the Illuminating Gas” show, Cerith Wyn Evans has created a limited edition that reflects on time, an element which – alongside light and sound – is central to the exhibition. Fig0.(Zephyrs!…) is a silk scarf hand-hemmed reproducing a drawing that the artist created as part of a series of works entitled Zen drawings. It consists of a unique momentary stroke executed free-hand, generating an abstract sign in black ink that harks back to the art of calligraphy, and in general to Japanese culture, that expresses an instant in which body and spirit converge in a single fleeting gesture. This drawing represents the artist’s attempt to explore that tradition: his personal fascination with ink-painting echoes in his characteristic use of black signs like cryptograms that elude comprehension and a single, univocal interpretation.

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