Exhibition Past

31 January - 9 March 2008

Daniele Puppi

Fatica n.16

Curated by Federica Schiavo

HangarBicocca is pleased to present Fatica N.16, a huge site-specific project by Daniele Puppi, one of the most interesting young Italian artists, in a¬†project in collaboration with the Magazzino d’Arte Moderna in Rome.

Daniele Puppi worked for sixteen consecutive days inside this space, during which he investigated the tensions and unexpressed possibilities in its inherent industrial character. The artist explores the reactions of the space-specifically of its lines, surfaces and volumes-to the questions that he himself poses through a series of gestures and repetitive actions. This challenge terminates in the identification of a single, precise and specific gesture – or “Fatica” – that, when projected inside the HangarBicocca, creates a moving image, which is the synthesis of all other possible images and actions. Such a gesture is capable of expanding indefinitely the field of perception of the visitor. The genesis of the work takes place in that precise place.

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