Event Public Program

Eva Kot’átková
The Dream Machine is Asleep

23 March 2018 – 10.30pm

With Her Wanderings Over and Mine Just Beginning

All-night music performance with The Phonetic Orchestra

From Friday 23 March, 10.30 PM to Saturday 24 March, 7 AM

Curated by Pedro Rocha

The first event of the Public Program dedicated to Eva Kot’átková is an all-night live performance inside the exhibition “The Dream Machine is Asleep”. This eight-hour-long performance features the Australian ensemble The Phonetic Orchestra, whose live music, interweaving with Kot’átková’s work, will accompany the audience on a nighttime journey between sleep and waking. The Czech artist’s exhibition, which includes a giant bed at the center of the show, is inhabited by works that evoke a surreal, oneiric world, exploring how dreams relate to everyday life, society, and its institutions. The Phonetic Orchestra has conceived a project that turns the exhibition, for one whole night, into the backdrop for a music performance in which sound will shape the dreaming mechanisms of the audience.
The Phonetic Orchestra was formed in 2012 as a vehicle to explore the relationship between notation and sound. The orchestra is composed of musicians from different backgrounds, including contemporary classical, electro-acoustic, and experimental improvisation, and studies the integration of improvisational and compositional frameworks. Investigation in these two areas is accompanied by collaboration with unique voices in Australian and European experimental practice. The work of The Phonetic Orchestra includes a number of long-duration projects, such as marathon concerts and sleeping concerts.

The Phonetic Orchestra at Pirelli HangarBicocca is composed of:

Jonathan Heilbron, double bass
Brett Thompson, guitar
Callum G’Froerer, trumpet
Héctor Rey, violin
Rebecca Lane, flutes
Joseph Houston, piano

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