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23 May 2006

The Tulse Luper VJ Performance

Peter Greenaway, director of film classics like The Pillow Book, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover and Prospero’s Books, transformed himself for an evening into a v-jay for the multimedia performance event The Tulse Luper VJ Performance, previewing in Italy at the HangarBicocca. Constantly aimed at researching new expressive venues, other than film, that use new multimedia technologies, Peter Greenaway offers us an example of live cinema by combining live images with soundtrack remixes by DJ Radar.
By simultaneously using six large screens under The Seven Heavenly Palaces, Greenaway has mixed images from his films on Tulse Luper creating, in that moment, a new and original film.

THE TULSE LUPER SUITCASE is the story of a man, a sort of Director’s alter ego, collector of suitcases, of memories, of places, of stories, a writer-archaeologist looking for peoples forgotten and lost civilizations. Each of his suitcases is a piece of his existence, miniature representations of an aspect of his personality. He disseminates these cases worldwide and his biography is reconstructed through their contents: prisoner “professional”, its history is also that of prisons in which actual is recluse, prisons and metaphorical imagery from which it can always get the imaginary suitcases (Perhaps we are all prisoners of something: love, money, sex, religious beliefs, fame, power, ambition, greed, debts, a job, a garden, a dog, train schedules, a mortgage or even just the account the grocer. Consequently many prisons don’t have Windows with bars or port locked). The story of the protagonist develop over a period that goes from 1928 to 1989; uranium, element that has characterized the 20th century and her fears (1928 is the year in which the uranium enters the table of the elements and 1989 when the Berlin Wall crumbled) is the element around which revolve the events.


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