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Céline Condorelli
bau bau

5 March 2015 – 8.00pm

Text and images from the Bauhaus to “bau bau”: a workshop

On Thursday March 2015 at 8pm HangarBicocca presents Text and images from the Bauhaus to “bau bau”: a workshop. The artwork baubau (to James Langdon) – exhibited in the show and created by Céline Condorelli with the collaboration of graphic James Langdon – is the starting point of a tour on the use of fonts and of text in the work of the artist. The final workshop activity, dedicated to adults and coordinated by the Educational Department of HangarBicocca, is led by Bruno Genovese, Art Director of the Leftloft studio, who worked with the artist on the creation of the publishing materials and who guides the visitors in the creation own wallpaper, using images and fonts from their own world of the imagination.
Text is an integral part of Céline Condorelli’s art and, in her references to the Russian avant-gardes and the tradition of the Bauhaus, she performs a meticulous study of fonts and their use in various artistic media.
Interpreting the exhibition “bau bau” from the point of view of this constant presence, a number of works will be analysed, including baubau, the work that gives the exhibition its title, as well as publications such as Support Structures and The Company She Keeps, which the artist considers as works in their own right.

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