Surasi Kusolwong - Performance

5 October 2011 – 8.15pm

Surasi Kusolwong Performance

On Wednesday October 5th 2011, on the occasion on the opening of the temporary exhibition by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot from here to ear (version 15), the Thai artist Surasi Kusolwong, together with Giuseppe Costa, Daniele Fabiani, Eleonora Fossati and Giuseppe Zappalà, presents two new live-performances at the following times:

20.15 PM
Invisible Academy

Performance by Eleonora Fossati, Daniele Fabiani, Giuseppe Costa, Giuseppe Zappalà and Surasi Kusolwong

20.45 PM
1 Euro Suitcase Market (Never Say No to Povera), 2011

Performance by Surasi Kusolwong

Photo by Eleonora Fossati
From the left: Giuseppe Zappalà, Giuseppe Costa, Daniele Fabiani, Surasi Kusolwong and Eleonora Fossati