13 October 2013

National Day of Families at the Museum

To celebrate the National Day of Families at the Museum promoted by Kids Art Tourism on 13 October 2013, HangarBicocca is putting on activities and screenings for the whole family! For the first time, HangarBicocca is giving grown-ups an opportunity to take part with their kids in HB Kids creativity sessions, so they can get involved in the workshops and rediscover the pleasure of learning with their children during a visit to the exhibitions.

A Family Portrait
(from 3 years up)
Where: HangarBicocca
Partecipants: max. 24 (including parents)
Duration: about 90 minutes
In Anselm Kiefer’s The Seven Heavenly Palaces, there are pictures that have only glass and frame, but no images inside… Let’s try filling them in with family pictures and memories, creating something special: a picture like no other, which we can hang up at home and remember the experience we all had together at HangarBicocca!

Guida all’ascolto 
A voyage through The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson
Where: HangarBicocca
Partecipants: max. 20
Duration: about 1 hour
The Visitors (2012) is a large installation consisting of nine video projections on a scale of 1:1. It brings into play the relationships between live concerts, the tradition of performance, poetry, and immersive cinema, based on the repetition and circular nature of actions and settings.

Matì and Dadà (for all ages)
ITA, 2013, 28’, animation concept by Achtoons, produced by RAI Fiction
Matì and Dadà are the mascots for the National Day of Families at the Museum. Matì is a bouncy little girl who just adores drawing and creativity; her funny friend Dadà is a strange character who can travel through time and take you right inside the most beautiful works of art of all time. Art with Matì and Dadà is a cartoon that introduces little ones to the history of art and visual education. The episodes screened at HangarBicocca are devoted to the following artists: Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Man Ray and Dorothea Lange.

A Family Band! (from 3 years up)
Where: HangarBicocca
Partecipants: max. 24 (including parents)
Duration: about 90 minutes
In his work, Ragnar Kjartansson takes us on a musical tour into a very special house, in which every room is brought to life by a different musician. Let’s pretend we too are performing together at home and let’s create a family band of our own!

Guided tour to The Seven Heavenly Palaces by Anselm Kiefer
Where: HangarBicocca
Partecipants: max. 20
Duration: about 1 hour
The site-specific The Seven Heavenly Palaces installation, created for HangarBicocca in 2004, is one of the most important works by the German artist Anselm Kiefer. It takes its name from the palaces described in an ancient Hebrew tract, the Sefer Hechalot or “Book of Palaces”, which describes the symbolic path of spiritual initiation of those who wish to enter into the presence of God.

A bridge to Terabithia (for all ages)
USA, 2007, 94’, color, directed by Gabor Csupo
After some initial scraps during a running race, Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke become great friends and form an alliance against the school bullies. She likes telling fantasy stories while he is a great at drawing and together they create Terabithia, a magical world tucked away deep in the woods behind the house.

Moreover, at 10.30am, at MIC (Viale Fulvio Testi 121, Milan):

Bahrami Variations
The great Iranian pianist Ramin Bahrami meets our youngest children and shows them the grandeur of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach while reflecting on introducing the new generations to music. To book, call +39 0287242114.

Followed by a screening of:
Piano Forest
The young Shuhei, the son of a famous pianist, moves with his mother from Tokyo to a small town in the country. Here he finds out about a mysterious piano, which is said to lie abandoned in the nearby forests: the local kids go to see it as a test of courage but one of them, Kai, claims it as his own, saying he is the only one who can play it. Shuhei and Kai soon become close friends, united by their love.

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