Event Public Program

Laure Prouvost
GDM – Grand Dad’s Visitor Center

2 March 2017 – 8.30pm


Concatenation and collage as an artistic practice


An evening with Marco Senaldi

Philosopher, curator, and contemporary art theorist Marco Senaldi evocatively retraces the history of editing, collage, and citation in artistic practice and language.

Drawing inspiration from the methods of Laure Prouvost, whose work freely employs a linguistic repertoire drawn from different and often dissonant spheres (traditional crafts, TV commercials, art history, literature, cinema, art theory), Senaldi guides us through a world of images, references, and allusions that question the cultural role of the artistic undertaking.
References include Goethe’s reflections on the Laocoön Group, the multimedia exhibitions of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, the film and TV appearances of Salvador Dalí, Duchamp and Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol’s television shows, the immersive environments of Pierre Huyghe, and the video installations of Douglas Gordon.

Marco Senaldi is a philosopher, curator, and contemporary art theorist who teaches Media Aesthetics at the Accademia di Brera. He is the author of many books on related subjects, including Doppio sguardo: Cinema e arte contemporanea (Bompiani, 2008); Filosofia dell’arte contemporanea (Guerini, 2012); Rapporto confidenziale: Percorsi tra cinema e arti visive (Mimesis, 2013); Obversione: Media e disidentità (Postmedia Books, 2014). He has also created cultural programs for the radio and TV.

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