Event Public Program

Kishio Suga

27 October 2016 – 8.30pm

Form and Event. Doing and thinking Art in Japan

Philosopher Marcello Ghilardi talks about the Japanese aesthetic experience in the first appointment of Public Program | Kishio Suga, dedicated to the exhibition “Situations

Using as a starting point five key concepts underpinning the work of Kishio Suga – thing/mono; interdependence/izon; field/ba; being/aru; nature/shizen— philosopher Marcello Ghilardi introduces us to the Japanese aesthetic experience. Highlighting the differences and similarities between Japanese thought and European culture, this scholar of East Asian Philosophy and Aesthetics will analyze several distinctive traits of the Japanese artistic context, developing between tradition and innovation, philosophical reflection and artistic practice.
Marcello Ghilardi is a post-doctoral researcher in Aesthetics at the University of Padova and a member of “Orbis Tertius”, a research group at the University of Milano-Bicocca which studies the contemporary imaginary, as well as a visiting scholar at Sendai University in Japan. His works on Japanese aesthetics include: Cuore e acciaio (2003); Una logica del vedere (2009); Arte e pensiero in Giappone (2010); Filosofia nei manga (2011); L’estetica giapponese moderna (2016).

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