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Dieter Roth Björn Roth

28 November 2013 – 9.00pm

Dieter Roth. Ein Film von/A Film by Edith Jud

On Thursday November 28th HB Public presents the screening of the documentary Dieter Roth. Ein Film von/A Film by Edith Jud (2003): Dieter Roth lived an intense life, and one that was quite out of the ordinary, leaving behind him a truly immense corpus of works. His art and his personality were as one and the film conveys this symbiotic relationship. This documentary takes us on a journey into the artist’s world, examining issues such as art, life and artistic collaboration. In the documentary we see Dieter Roth in amateur movies, as a performer and as the protagonist in his own daily life: archive materials and works of art tell us a story which, with the help of colleagues, friends and acquaintances, gives us a unique insight into his world.
The documentary is presented in English and lasts 115’.

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