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Chiara Camoni
Call and Gather.
Sisters. Moths and Flame Twisters.
Lioness Bones, Snakes and Stones.

20 JUNE 2024 FROM 8.30 PM 10.30 PM

Singing performance Ombra Solida


The Public Program devoted to Chiara Camoni’s exhibition “Call and Gather” continues on Thursday 20 June 2024 with a special evening opening and the singing performance “Ombra Solida”, a project by the artist in collaboration with Soledad Nicolazzi, actress, author and director.

The singing performance, with the participation of Chiara Camoni, will take place in the center of the artist’s exhibition and will be performed by about fifty people from the Pirelli HangarBicocca audience who, in the previous days, took part in a preparatory workshop conducted by Soledad Nicolazzi and Camilla Barbarito, singer and performer.During the evening the group of participants will present, in the form of a vocal performance, the collective experience involving voice, breath and body.

The performance, lasting approximately 15 minutes, will be repeated a few times throughout the evening. Last admission at 9.30 PM.

With the participation of the Centro di Sperimentazione, a collaborative project involving a group of people and professionals close to the artist.

Admission to the event is free. Places are limited and booking is recommended.

Pirelli HangarBicocca Members are guaranteed admission without a booking by showing their Membership Card at the entrance.



Soledad Nicolazzi Author, actress, director, theater educator. Passionate about theater and folk singing. In 1999 she founded Compagnia Stradevarie and with Dalia Padoa staged shows in the fields of civil and children’s theater. Anna Pancirolli Award 2003 for Ciclonica – monologo per donna in Bicicletta; Special Mention of the 2007 Ustica Award for Theatre for A piazza delle Erbe, an episode of female resistance in partisan history; Small size, big citizens Widening of the European Network for the diffusion of performing arts for early childhood 2012 for Carta Canta – show aimed at early childhood; Special Mention Competition “MigrAZIONI17” called by ANAP Agis for high social and cultural value, 2017 and Literary Award City of Carrara A. Fiaschi, Theater Section, 2019 for Miraggi Migranti, a puppet theater show about migration, premiered in Mekellé (Ethiopia); Recognition from the Municipality of Carrara for “Contributing to the spread of theatrical practice as a social tool for breaking down cultural barriers and prejudices” 2018; Marcello Meroni Prize 2019 for Marbleland, a monologue on the complex environmental issue of Carrara’s quarries. She graduated in Scienze della Formazione with a thesis on theater as intercultural mediation and studied with Marco Baliani, Marco Martinelli, Renato Sarti, Davide Iodice, Vincenza Modica; she collaborates and works as actress with Accademia Perduta, I Teatrini, Veronica Cruciani, Teatro Alkaest, Riserva Canini, Gigi Gherzi, Campsirago Residenza. Among others, she conducts training courses in theater and singing with the University of Pristina (Kosovo), the Gianni Bosio Institute in Rome, Università Bicocca in Milan and in recent years with psychologists and educators at the Ethno-Systemic-Narrative School in Rome. She played accordion and trumpet for a few years in the popular street bands Ottoni a scoppio (MI) and Titubanda Roma. She currently founded the APS Teatro di Terra and is building, together with a group, a small bio-building theater in Carrara, where she lives; on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the liberation she is reviving the show A piazza delle Erbe; she has set up the Malerbe choir and is collaborating with Chiara Camoni for the singing performance Ombra Solida within her solo exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan.

Camilla Barbarito is a Milanese singer and performer (born 1978). She trained through a path of experimental theater and singing, thanks also to some youthful tours in Sub-Saharan Africa and the consequent discovery of non-European cultures.
She collaborates with numerous musical ensembles, pursuing her own research in the field of world music and as a vocal-performer within shows and concerts of an experimental nature and sometimes as an actress. She has worked among others with Vladimir Denissenkov, Ivana Monti, Jovica Jovic, Paolo Rossi, Roberta Torre, Agon, Teatro delle Moire, Duccio Bellugi of Theatre du Soleil, Nema Problema Orkestar, Musicamorfosi, Teatro Menotti, Renata Ciaravino, Renato Gabrielli, Fondazione il Lazzaretto, Rapsodija Trio, Valentina Picello, Olinda, Seton Hall University, New Jersey.
With Felmay Records he has recorded three records under his own name involving about thirty instrumentalists and has achieved significant international acclaim in specialized publishing and radio. He has produced the music for several shows including Lucia Vasini’s Mistero Buffo produced by Teatro Menotti. She won the first edition of the Scenario Infanzia Prize, the national selection for the Biennale Giovani Artisti dell’Europa e del Mediterraneo, and the Godot Prize Biennale dell’Assurdo. She has been a guest on Radio Popolare (for which she played All you need is Pop) and on Rai Radio Tre’s Piazza Verdi, l’Idealista and Farenheit programs. She is the creator of the character Nina Madù, who, together with the band Le Reliquie Commestibili, has made a name for herself in the independent sphere.
With Paolino Dalla Porta she is the creator of Le tue parole all’improvviso, a radical improvisation performance based on texts from the audience. Together with Fabio Marconi she is artistic director of the music festival La Cura di Dioniso for Van-Ghè Ambulatorio d’Arte and Cantare Incantare Incontrarsi with Fondazione Artepassante. She is artistic director of the projects S’i’ fosse foco – Atti musicali poetici per la città supported by Comune di Milano, Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo and Cantare Incantare Incontrarsi, with Progetto Artepassante. She has been conducting training workshops on the theme of expressiveness and vocality for 20 years and directs the Voci di Donne Choir of Trotter Park and the Singular Voices Choir with psychiatric patients at the Santi Paolo e Carlo Hospital.
She has conducted workshops in public schools, universities, in a wide variety of settings and within Rom camps.

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