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Juan Muñoz
Double Bind & Around

10 May 2015 – 5.30pm

ART on Sundays – Goya, Degas, Seurat and de Chirico: Muñoz and Painters

Free entrance at 5.30 pm

In order to understand how Muñoz includes the human figure in his works, we shall analyse the many influences of great painters of the past, from a number of different cultural movements.
The event will examine Juan Muñoz’s world of the imagination, on a journey that winds its way through the history of art of the past two hundred years, from the greatest Spanish painter in the eighteenth and nineteenth century through to the Parisian artists Degas and Seurat at the turn of the twentieth century, and on to the greatest exponent of metaphysical painting.

Curated by Gaia Badioni and Alessandro Longoni

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