Céline Condorelli - Conversation

12 February 2015 – 8.30pm

A conversation with Jacopo Rinaldi and Giulia Polenta

On Thursday, 12 February 2015 at 8.30 pm HangarBicocca presents The exhibition as an archive of suitable practices, a conversation with Jacopo Rinaldi and Giulia Polenta in the “bau bau” exhibition. The visit to the “bau bau” exhibition examines the theme of the archive as a model for interpreting works of art, starting with Support Structure (Red). This work illustrates Céline Condorelli’s artistic research into the production of Egyptian cotton, coupled with aspects of the history of Italian industry, of Milan and the Bicocca district, and in particular of Pirelli and HangarBicocca.
Jacopo Rinaldi, an artist and former pupil of Céline Condorelli, took part in the preliminary research leading up to Céline Condorelli’s exhibition. Giulia Polenta, a former student under Céline Condorelli, is a researcher and curator, and she too participated in the artist’s research.

This conversation is part of the Public Program devoted to “bau bau”, an exhibition that enters into constant dialogue with the public and with its surroundings. The event takes place in the exhibition space, involving the artist herself, her assistants, the professionals of HangarBicocca and other key figures in Céline Condorelli’s art. The Public Programme is a project designed and co-ordinated by Giovanna Amadasi in collaboration with the Curatorial Department and the Educational Department of HangarBicocca.