28 October 2009

I versi delle bestie

I versi delle bestie explores the Italian poetry of the last century through texts devoted to animals. From Gozzano to Trilussa, from Primo Levi to Gadda, from Antonia Pozzi to Fosco Maraini and many others. The theatrical reading by Tiziano Scarpa takes place against an outstanding background: the images of the stunning documentary Dreamland scroll on a screen, directed by Latvian director Laila Pakalnina, who recounts a year of life in a waste dump in northern Europe. A disturbing and somehow surprising place, where countless animal species, from elks to owls – including poachers and keepers – have created a new habitat.

Tiziano Scarpa says: “The animals and poets must be close relatives. Otherwise it cannot be explained why they understand each other so well. The proof is that also in the twentieth century, a century considered rather bizarre in poetry, even the more complicated poets, when they start talking about animals, become clear and immediate.”