25 September 2011 – 11.00am

Garage Sale: Treasure Hunt and Other Games

On September 25th we meet at HangarBicocca in order to sell, trade or buy objects, books, disks, clothes, heirlooms, trinkets, artworks, but also to play. You can play frisbee, Ping-Pong, chess, hopscotch, blackjack, scrabble, jenga and every other game on disposal. Thus for this Garage Sale there is a new rule: in order to participate as a seller, you must bring a game to share with the public during the day.

Guidelines / you have to book in order to expose / everyone brings things he wants to sell or trade / you don’t have to pay for set up, it’s free offer / there will be tables available in the space (subject to availability) where you can arrange the items / you can bring your own table / the only rule is that the objects should be used!/ you must bring at least one game

© Photos: Elena Brenna