24 October 2007 – 8.30pm

Eccellenti Letture

A tribute to Tiziano Terzani

In the book La fine è il mio inizio, Tiziano Terzani, knowing that the end of his life is approaching, talks to his son Folco about his own life and delineates a portrait of the great passions of his time: “If you ask me what I have left you in the end, I will leave a book that will maybe help somebody to see the world in a better light, to enjoy more in life, to look at like in a bigger context, like the one that makes me feel so strong”. 

Eccellenti Letture is a series of lectures encompassing cinema and contemporary literature. Contemporary writers will talk about their books and will choose excerpts that will be read by cinema actors. “Eccellenti Letture” invites the city to read, surprising it with unexpected juxtaposements of talents. Six authors for six readings, six nights for six different locations, and rediscovered in the peripheral tissue of the city of Milan: the exploitation of a territory that is the real scenario of daily life for many people.

Actors Alessandro Preziosi and Olivia Magnani read excerpts from the book at the presence of Folco Terzani.