Words in Pictures (upper primary)

"Neons Corridors Rooms" by Bruce Nauman


In the “Neons Corridors Rooms” exhibition, Bruce Nauman uses combinations of geometric shapes, fluorescent tubes, mirrors, corridors and rooms to play on our perceptions and sensations. In the neon sculptures and sound works he reflects on language, investigating its infinite potential in a study that involves visuals, sounds and meaning.

Focus areas

  • Italian
  • Art and Image
  • Science

Educational aims and activities

The arts tutors will help the children discover the many ways in which Bruce Nauman investigates the potential of language, using word play and linguistic paradoxes to create ambiguities and short circuits of meaning: he invites those who look, read and listen his works to rethink and reflect on the many differences in meaning that human communication can convey when conventions are cast aside and the usual contexts are undermined.
The exploration of the exhibition will focus on how Bruce Nauman uses words in association with neon, shapes, colours and sounds. In the workshop session, the students will work with the arts tutors, using materials related to word games and verbal-visual art and, taking inspiration from the artist, they will create amusing linguistic short circuits that stimulate both creativity and ideas.


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