What Appears To Be But Isn’t (final year)

“Reincarnations of Shadows” by Thao Nguyen Phan

Focus areas
• Images, sounds, colours
• Languages, creativity, expression
• Knowledge of the world

Thao Nguyen Phan uses a play of light and shadow to make visible what is invisible and to create scenes that are always new and different depending on who observes her works. In her artistic practice, she prefers to use moving images, which are made possible by the alternation of light and shadow: the latter can change at any moment into something that is quite different from what creates them, thus giving rise to surreal atmospheres where everything becomes possible.

After exploring the exhibition, the children will be encouraged to come up with fantastical stories in which the characters are different elements of nature, which take centre stage in many of Phan’s works, with Vietnamese rivers, plants and animals, and their shadows.

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