Tales in Action (final year)

“Reincarnations of Shadows” by Thao Nguyen Phan

Focus areas
• Languages, creativity, expression
• Images, sounds, colours
• Knowledge of the world
• The body and movement

In the art of Thao Nguyen Phan, the myths, legends, oral stories and fairy tales of Vietnam all intertwine with some of the most important events in the country’s recent history. In her works she combines video, painting, drawing, sculpture and installations, creating visions immersed in lush natural landscapes that are at times surreal and dreamlike.

Starting out from “The Magic Crossbow”, a story that inspired Phan to create her Magical Bows (Lacquered Time), the children will discover a host of other stories in the exhibition which tell of the past and present of Vietnam.
The Pirelli HangarBicocca arts tutors will divide the pupils into small groups and then help them transform themselves into the typical elements of a fairy tale (warriors, princes, animals, magic objects, natural divinities…) so they can invent a completely new story and play it out themselves.

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