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"Neons Corridors Rooms" by Bruce Nauman


In the “Neons Corridors Rooms” exhibition, Bruce Nauman uses various combinations of geometric shapes, fluorescent tubes, mirrors, video cameras, monitors, voices, sounds, corridors and rooms to play with perceptions and bring out sensations and emotions in the visitors who go through them. The body plays a key role in the artist’s work, for he views it as a fundamental means for understanding oneself and the world, as he himself mentioned in an interview: “[…] An awareness of yourself comes from a certain amount of activity, and you can’t get it from just thinking about yourself. You do exercises, you have certain kinds of awarenesses that you don’t have if you read books.”

Focus areas

  • These interdisciplinary activities often refer transversally to different subject areas, such as art and image, history, Italian, and science

Educational aims and activities

During the session, the young people will be asked to reflect on the importance of the body as a means for finding out about both the physical and the emotional world, to encourage critical interaction with their peers and awareness of the relativity of the emotional experience of all human beings.
While exploring the exhibition, the students will be invited to describe what they feel when going through Nauman’s works, which deliberately disorient the perceptions of viewers, and they will be asked to discuss these matters by responding to thought-provoking questions in an interactive dialogue with the arts tutors.

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