Microscopic Universes (Lower and upper primary)

"Metaspore" by Anicka Yi

Tour with workshop activities

Educational objectives and activities
Anicka Yi explores intangible elements such as air, smells and microorganisms in order to highlight the fundamental structures of daily life. The presence and representation of microorganisms reveals the constant change of scale that is a feature of the artist’s vision: the microscopic size of bacteria is often transposed into the larger proportions of the animal and human kingdom.

During the visit, the students will explore the exhibition with the help of the arts tutors, who will show them how the artist has recreated her vision of the world. It is one in which the infinitely small (bacteria, spores and microorganisms) is made visible by synaesthetic works and by activating processes of transformation that reveal their presence. During the visit to the exhibition, the emphasis will be on the enlargements of the microorganisms that the artist uses and studies and that appear in the exhibition space in the form of colours, shapes and patterns.

The workshop activities will focus on the idea that what cannot be seen by the naked eye is actually indispensable for life on this planet.
After a brief look at the use and potential of scientific instruments such as microscopes, which make it possible to see extremely small objects, the children will examine how the artist has made use of the most recent scientific discoveries to give substance to her works of art. Later on, the children will be able to try their hand at recognising images: they will need to match natural or artificial elements to the images given by the microscope. Like this, they will be able to see how what cannot be seen actually has a shape and a colour and that when it is repeated endlessly it creates images that are completely different from the original ones.

Focus areas

  • Science
  • Art and Image

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