Mapping Bruce Nauman

"Neons Corridors Rooms" by Bruce Nauman


The research that underpins Bruce Nauman’s art is one of continuous experimentation and investigation of the very idea of art, including the actions, materials and processes used by the artist. These range from the perception of colour and light to the body as an instrument of knowledge, and from the infinite variations of written and spoken language to the potential offered by ever-changing media.

Focus areas

  • These interdisciplinary activities often refer transversally to different subject areas, such as art and image, history, Italian, and science

Educational aims and activities

During he session, the students will be asked to ponder the meaning and nature of the many techniques the artist uses, and they will be invited to reflect on the interaction between art and life, on the idea of the body as an instrument of knowledge, on the role of language in communication, on the concepts of public and private, and on the perception of one’s own identity.
During the session, which will take place entirely in the exhibition, the students will be asked to identify all the different instruments, media, materials and objects that Bruce Nauman uses in his works. Then, with the help of challenging questions and conversation with the arts tutors, they will reflect on the meaning of artistic action in Nauman’s work and on how his art can be reflected in the everyday life of young people.


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