Landscapes and Portraits (Lower and upper primary)

"NOw/here" by Gian Maria Tosatti

Gian Maria Tosatti’s “NOw/here” exhibition, now on show at Pirelli HangarBicocca, brings together two new series of paintings – Ritratti [Portraits] (2022) and NOw/here (2023) – which epitomise the concepts that have inspired his artistic research over the past twenty years. In particular, the large-format paintings in the NOw/here series hang from the ceiling of the Shed, giving the visitor blurred visions of abstract landscapes. The graphite and ‘white charcoal’ used by the artist are struck by the light in the exhibition space, conveying different sensations and visions to each visitor.

Focus areas
• Art and Image
• Science

Educational aims and activities
With the use of visual support materials while exploring the exhibition, the children will be asked to think about the concepts of landscape, panorama and horizon and how materials, techniques, colours and light influence the way we see things.
In the workshop session, the children will take inspiration from the artist’s works to create a series of abstract landscapes. Experimenting with different materials and techniques they will express the sensations they felt while visiting the exhibition.

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