Hunting Shapes and Colours (lower primary)

"Neons Corridors Rooms" by Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman creates installations in the form of rooms, corridors, or a combination of the two, in which shapes, coloured lights, mirrors and monitors all interact to create sensations and emotions in the visitors who go through them. The “Neons Corridors Rooms” exhibition thus offers an experience in which even apparently simple activities, such as walking, acquire surprising new meanings.

Focus areas
• Geometry
• Science
• Art and Image

Educational aims and activities
Bruce Nauman’s works will help the children learn to recognise shapes and colours and associate them with their sensations and emotions in a fun experience, finding out about the theories of colour perception in a simple, intuitive manner.
While exploring the exhibition, the children will be invited to look for all the geometric figures and primary and secondary colours that the artist uses to create his spatial installations. They will then describe what they felt while going through them. In the workshop session, the arts tutors will help the children use the shapes and colours they have found to build new settings and imaginary characters, telling their stories.


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