"Neons Corridors Rooms" by Bruce Nauman


In Bruce Nauman’s “Neons Corridors Rooms” exhibition there are works in which the artist investigates the infinite potential of language in a visual, audio and semantic study that also involves the titles of his works.

Focus areas

  • These interdisciplinary activities often refer transversally to different subject areas, such as art and image, history, Italian, and science

Educational aims and activities

The session encourages the students to reflect on their observations and on the huge range of meanings that a word can have, in which language reveals its fragility, but also its boundless richness and poetry.
The students will be free to explore the exhibition, during which they will match keywords linked to the themes of the exhibition to the works they see in the exhibition space. Starting from Bruce Nauman’s reflection on language and his idea of the body as an instrument of knowledge, the session will continue with a close examination of how the artist chooses the titles for his works, helping the students think about the potential offered by words and communication.

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