Countless Possible Worlds (three-year course)

"Metaspore" by Anicka Yi

Thematic activity with focus session in the classroom


Introduction and session

In her work, Anicka Yi introduces a new artistic vocabulary in which the words of science and art become interconnected, creating sci-fi landscapes waiting to be explored: with the symbiotic intervention of scientific research and artificial intelligence, water, earth, air and the creatures that inhabit them come together to form new ecosystems with infinite interconnections and relationships. The session will aim to have the young people reflect on the concepts of ecosystems, interdependence and symbiosis, to make them aware of the richness of the environment they live in and of the delicate balance that needs to be preserved so that all living beings can thrive in it.

Focus areas

  • Civics
  • Biology
  • Earth Sciences

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Useful Information

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