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Art and Science in Symbiosis (two-year course)

"Metaspore" by Anicka Yi

Tour with workshop activities in the exhibition

Educational objectives and activities
In her work, Anicka Yi introduces a new artistic vocabulary in which the words of science and art become interconnected, creating sci-fi landscapes that are there to be explored: water, earth, air and the creatures that inhabit them – with the symbiotic intervention of scientific research and artificial intelligence – come together to form new ecosystems with infinite interconnections and relationships.

The activity will begin with the students exploring the exhibition on their own, and they will later draw up a conceptual map together with the words that, in their view, best describe and illustrate the works on display.
At this point, the children will be divided into groups and they will be given a number of words from Anicka Yi’s exhibition glossary with their meanings. The various groups will then try to match the terms they have been given with one or more of the works on display.

When this is done, each group will tell the others what words they were given and explain how and why they matched them to the various works. Based on what they say, a second map will be created, with the help of the arts tutors, to illustrate the themes that appear in Anicka Yi’s art.
The session will end with a moment of interaction and exchange of ideas on the differences and similarities that emerge between the first and second maps.

The visit and the activity will lead to an understanding of Anicka Yi’s art, in which science and art work in a symbiotic manner to convey a contemporary vision of the mechanisms that arise between human beings and their environment.

Focus areas

  • Biology
  • Civics
  • History of Art

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