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Anicka Yi and the Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries (three-year course)

"Metaspore" by Anicka Yi

Thematic activity with focus session in the classroom

Introduction and course
Metaspore is the first solo show by Anicka Yi (b. 1971, Seoul, lives and works in New York) in an Italian institution. It explores the artist’s sculptural language, which often leads to chemical and biological processes that bring complex ecosystems to life. Over the past decade, Anicka Yi has made her mark as one of the most radical artists on the contemporary scene. She has achieved this with artistic research that intertwines art and science and investigates possible redefinitions of the concepts of human and non-human, technological and biological, natural and synthetic. Her research draws on different areas of knowledge, including anthropology, philosophy and science, and her work includes references to artists and movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that have influenced the history of contemporary art.

Focus areas

  • History of Art

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