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Perfume in the Air (final year)

"Metaspore" by Anicka Yi

Visit with workshop activities

Educational objectives and activities
By exploring Anicka Yi’s Metaspore exhibition, the children will discover how, in her works, the artist focuses on the senses of smell and touch, on which she has worked throughout her career.

The children will explore the exhibition together with the arts tutors, paying particular attention to the works that use the sense of smell, which is Anicka Yi’s favourite, as it is related to the concept of identity and to the processing of emotions and long-term memory as well as to the power of the imagination. The perfumes and fragrances in her work can carry us off to places that are far away in time and space. Using tactile tablets, the children will also be able to try out the materials the artist herself uses, for they have a fundamental tactile dimension that helps understand her approach to art.

In the workshop session, the children will be invited to create a little perfume of their own by mixing various fragrances that they can connect back to their own personal experiences: like this, they will be able to retrace the artist’s creative processes by creating a small “sculpture” of themselves in the form of smells.

Focus areas

  • Knowledge of the World
  • Languages, Creativity, Expression
  • Self and the Other

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