22 November 2012 – 9.00pm

The Rhythm of Technology – Art, Experimentation and Industry in Five Art Films

During thw eleventh Corporate Culture Week HangarBicocca is putting on an evening in which five films from the 1950s and ’60s are shown. The aim is to examine the relationship between visual experimentation in cinema and issues concerning technology and innovation in industry. A medley of titles by young directors who went on to become great masters of the visual arts and of the cinema shows how the two-way interaction between industry and contemporary art forms was truly intense in the post-war decades. On the one hand, companies turned to avant-garde artists and directors in order to convey an image of their innovation and research, while artists were fascinated by the images and rhythms of industrial production and by the potential offered by new technologies.
The films range from Le chant du Styrène, Alain Resnais‘s first short, to Arte Programmata, which illustrates the first, historic exhibition organised by Bruno Munari, through to two rare films by cult director Edgar Reitz, Speed and Kommunikation. The visions they show tell us how a generation of artists and intellectuals were fascinated by an exciting present in which progress appeared to hold infinite potential.


  • The Song of Styrene; col, 1957, 12’ – Director: Alain Resnais, text by Raymond Queneau, translation by Italo Calvino
  • Kommunikation; b/w, 1961, 11’ – Director: Edgar Reitz, music by Josef Anton Riedl
  • Geschwindigkeit; b/w, 1962, 13’ – Director: Edgar Reitz, music by Josef Anton Riedl
  • Arte Programmata; b/w, 1963, 10’ – Director: Enzo Monachesi, text by Bruno Munari, Marcello Piccardo, Giorgio Soavi
  • Cosmotronic, Olivetti for Information; col., 1970, 4’ – Director: Adolfo Fogli in collaboration with Egidio Bonfanti