22 May 2010 – 11.00am

I Demoni

12 hours show, nearly 30 actors on stage, 950 pages of a novel of modernity: these are some of the numbers that Peter Stein has stubbornly reached with I Demoni by Fëdor Dostoewskij. Already defined as a memorable show, it s a unique achievement that the great director really wanted, accepting a very difficult challenge and whic led him far beyond the idea of theatre we are conventionally used to. The idea is to bring on stage, with a “Russian” recitation, similar to the movies’ one, almost the entire history of Dostoewskij’s masterpiece, completely revising the relationship with the public who, on the day of “life within the play”, becomes a participant and not only an observer.

Tieffe Teatro Milano and Wallenstein Betriebs-GmbH Berlin
in collaboration with Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
with the contribution of the municipality of Milan

from Fëdor Michailovič Dostoevskij
original adaptation and direction of Peter Stein
Ubu award for Best Entertainer of the Year 2009

“An experience is intended to remain in the history of theater” Franco Quadri

“Living in close quarters for so long the audience slowly transformed into a community that applauds itself. It can not be critical from sunrise to sunset: after the first two hours, or attend, or you go!!” Peter Stein