Auteur's Overview

16 May 2013 – 9.00pm

Discovering Bicocca: 1450-2013 | Pirelli on the big screen and little screen

The art of advertising and cinema come together in a review of films from the Pirelli Historical Archive. Here we see the momentous shift from cinema to television, from the King of Italy’s visit to Bicocca in 1927, immortalised by the cinema pioneer Luca Comerio, to the great masters of Italian animation, through to the Carosello television commercials of the 1960s and 1970s. The following will be shown during the course of the evening at HangarBicocca:

The visit of HM King Vittorio Emanuele III to the Pirelli factory in Bicocca(Luca Comerio, 1927)

… E gli ombrelli stanno a guardare (Pagot film, 1954)
La ruota (Pagot film, 1956)
Dormire, sognare (Pagot film, 1950s)
Freddo, semicaldo, caldo (Pagot film, 1950s)
Due chiacchiere fra noi (Pagot film, 1950s)

Mammut, Babbut e Figliut (Roberto Gavioli, 1964), 3 episodes
Le avventure dell’uomo (Roberto Gavioli, 1969), 2 episodes
La nostra vita sulle strade (Roberto Gavioli, 1970), 3 episodes
Ti cerco, ti filmo, ti premio (Enrico Sannia, 1974), 2 episodes

Il supermolleggiato Pirelli (Pierluigi de Mas, 1980)

Photo: Still from … E gli ombrelli stanno a guardare (Pagot film, 1954)