Auteur's Overview

9 May 2013 – 9.00pm

Discovering Bicocca: 1450-2013 | Auteur’s overview: La fabbrica sospesa

Italy, 1987, colour, 45’, directed by Silvio Soldini
At the beginning of the transformation of the Bicocca area, the film director Silvio Soldini tells the story of Pirelli through the memories of workers and office staff who spent their lives working in the Milan-based factory. Archive materials alternate with conversion projects and the voices of the protagonists in a documentary that conveys all the commitment and passion of the people and corporate values that have always been based on innovation and on the promotion of talent. What we see is an essential part of the city’s industrial past, which will also be explored in an exhibition of eleven stunning photos by the late Gabriele Basilico from the Fondazione Pirelli. The great photographer achieved immense fame partly through the poetic vein with which he immortalised industrial architecture.

Photo: Gabriele Basilico, Cooling Tower of Milano Bicocca, 1985 (Pirelli Historical Archive)