Art on Sundays with Cocktail

ART ON SUNDAYS | Sheela Gowda

Art as transformation: Sheela Gowda, materials and methods.
The Art on Sundays event devoted to Sheela Gowda’s Remains exhibition takes inspiration from one of the most important aspects of her art: the transformation of materials by means of artistic work, often carried out manually. Her artistic methods vary according to the material, which is manipulated and transformed in order to bring out its formal and symbolic characteristics. Starting from the artist’s work in her studio, which is the starting point and measure of many of the works in the exhibition, the event helps the public discover the importance of the long work behind the scenes that leads to the creation of an artwork in its definitive form, with its references to the history of art from the post-war period onwards.

Sunday 08 September 2019, 7 PM – Book now


Art on Sundays with Cocktail is a series of thematic guided tours specially conceived to deepen some of the main subjects of Pirelli HangarBicocca’s temporary exhibitions; each tour ends with a cocktail reserved for all the participants at Iuta Bistrot. These guided tours include the viewing of documentary photographs and video footage.

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